The UNB Archives serves as a valuable resource for filmmakers, researchers, and enthusiasts alike, providing access to a diverse collection of historical documents, photographs, films, and other materials. These resources shed light on the rich cultural heritage of New Brunswick and offer unique insights into the province's filmmaking history.


Within the UNB Archives, you can explore a wide range of materials related to filmmaking in New Brunswick. This includes archival footage of past productions, behind-the-scenes photographs, scripts, production notes, and other relevant documents. The archives offer a glimpse into the evolution of filmmaking techniques and styles, as well as the social and cultural contexts in which these films were created. As well as the opportunity to uncover hidden gems, forgotten stories, and untold narratives. 


The UNB Archives not only supports filmmakers in their creative endeavors but also plays a crucial role in preserving and safeguarding the province's cinematic heritage. By collecting and archiving films and related materials, the institution ensures that future generations will have access to this rich tapestry of cultural expression. Through the meticulous preservation and digitization efforts of the UNB Archives, valuable cinematic works are protected and made accessible for educational and research purposes.